August VIP Offer – Free Bak Thng

August VIP Offer – Free Bak Thng

August’s VIP special offer – a free bowl of Bak Thng – is the stuff dreams are made of…

If your dreams are made of pork.

Imagine a bowl full of luscious pork fillet, juicy pork liver and crispy pork crackling all swimming in a full-bodied, salty pork broth. Our master pork broth has been lovingly refined by our chefs using the best produce and a whole lot of patience.

…I really love our pork broth.

As a VIP,  you’ll receive a free bowl of Bak Thng every time you dine in August – bookings are essential, so book here to enjoy this month’s VIP offer. 

See you soon,

William & Junda