Gluten free is here!

Gluten free is here!

Are you Gluten-free or Celiac, but love Malaysian food?

Don’t sign yourself up for a lifetime without your favourite dishes just yet. Ho Jiak Haymarket has just launched our Gluten-free menu!

What’s on the gluten-free menu?

How about our famous Nasi Goreng (gluten-free, of course) with your choice of spicy, or not so spicy, fried rice and chicken? Packed with flavour and full of goodness, you don’t have to miss out on everyone’s favourite Malaysian dish.

Or try the Kay Cheng Kay. Lucious steamed chicken, swimming in a wholesome sauce of ginger, angelica roots, goji berries and soy.

If you’re getting excited now, just wait until you see the full gluten-free menu here.

So if you’re looking for a restaurant in Sydney who can cater to gluten-free and vegetarian dietary requirements, get in contact or book online today!