Sydney’s BEST Cheap Eats

Sydney’s BEST Cheap Eats

Sometimes, all you want is a great meal… that doesn’t cost the equivalent of a day’s wage (or more!).

TimeOut Sydney has rounded up the best cheap eats Sydney has to offer, and guess who’s number #1?!

If you guessed Ho Jiak Haymarket, you got it!

To help you plan your cheap and cheerful night out, we’ve rounded up our favourite cheap eats from all across the menu, to bring you the ultimate affordable meal in Sydney. Simply pick your 3 closest friends and dig in.

Entree: For starters, you just cannot go past the satay skewers, $12 for 6, you could share…. or not!

Main: We all know you can’t go out for Malaysian and just choose ONE main. So, we suggest pairing the Chicken Rendang (oh that coconutty goodness!) for $25, with the Char Koay Teow (our speciality) for just $16, and the Char Tau Bak Chui (translated to juicy pork topped green beans, need we say more?) for $20. Don’t forget a HUGE side of steamed rice for $8!

Dessert: You could skip dessert… but do you really want to be that guy? We recommend a Teh Tarik Affogato… EACH… at $12 per person, it’s totally worth it!

Drink: Malaysians are well known for their beverages, but look no further than the Michael Jackson! Named after the King of Pop because of his popular song “Black or White”, this drink is a Malaysian icon. Half soy milk and half glass jelly, you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without this sweet and silky thirst quencher for so long! At $6 each, everyone at your table needs to try this one!

All that for less than $40 per person!

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