“Junda-fied” – The latest saying at Ho Jiak ?

“Junda-fied” – The latest saying at Ho Jiak ?

Coined by Jimmy Wong,  “Junda-fied” refers to when a humble street food dish has been sexed up by our Head Chef, Junda, in his kitchen.

In this case, such as our latest Current Specials – Chilli Pan Mee with Hokkaido Scallops and Char Koay Teow Marron! ?

As Jimmy describes it, “All of my favourite bits, the flavour, texture and that umami satisfaction combined with the finesse that is Junda, makes this my pick!” Oh yes, a humble street dish that has definitely been elevated and is our pick too… We need more than one bowl, we say!

And of course, another well loved street dish at Ho Jiak? Our signature Char Koay Teow. Smokey, charred with a kick of spice and full of crispy pork lard, chinese sausage and seafood, Junda has brought it to another level with fresh WA Marrons to make us drool! ? Topped with Spanner Crab Meat and double marrons picture here, this mouth-watering dish is a dream come true for Char Koay Teow and seafood lovers! Oh yum, indeed!

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