Get your hands dirty with our Banana Leaf Rice

Get your hands dirty with our Banana Leaf Rice

We’re bringing kampung-style dining to Amah’s Kitchen Ho Jiak Haymarket with our Banana Leaf Rice. Only available Mondays to Thursdays from 12pm onwards.

Ho Jiak Banana Leaf Rice specialFor $25 per person, you’ll be able to get your hands dirty dining on fresh banana leaves while our staff serves you with:

  • Unlimited serves of steamed white rice, curry gravy and Sayur Kuning (stir fried vegetables in turmeric).
  • Side serve of non-veg dishes: Ayam Belacan (chicken drumstick cooked in belacan) and Kulit Ikan (fried salted egg fish skins).
  • Side serve of vegetables dishes: Kentang Goreng (sambal potato) and Vegetable Acar (pickled vegetables).
  • And half a Telur Masin (salted duck egg).

You can also order additional serves of the side dishes as Add-Ons:

  • $3 each serve of Kentang Goreng (sambal potato), or Ayam Belacan (chicken drumstick cooked in belacan), or Kulit Ikan (fried salted egg fish skins); or
  • $1 for half Telur Masin (salted duck egg)

What’s Banana Leaf Rice?

Dining on banana leaf rice is a tradition introduced to Malaysia by the South Indian migrants. Similar to the concept of the thali where rice is served with various meat or vegetable side dishes and papadum, banana leaf rice is typically eaten using hands rather than cutlery to impart a sensory dining experience. Every dish served with the banana leaf rice meal has different flavours and textures, while the banana leaf itself adds an added fragrance to the hot dishes it’s served on.

Banana leaf meal etiquette also dictates that once the meal is finished, the guest folds the leaf inwards as a sign of appreciation towards the host. Folding of the leaf outwards is considered rude, as this act is only done at South Indian funeral wakes to communicate condolences to the family.

With Ho Jiak’s version, Head Chef Junda has sexed-up banana leaf rice dining with salted egg fish skins, and introduced a flavour-bomb combination of side dishes.

What are you waiting for? Make a booking* today and dig in with your hands! If you’re not keen on greasy fingers – we offer gloves, too.

*Bookings required for our Banana Leaf Rice experience. Please mention how many guests are opting in for Banana Leaf Rice.