Guess what’s Finger Licking Good at Ho Jiak?🍗

Guess what’s Finger Licking Good at Ho Jiak?🍗

That’s right, this Spring, Chef Junda has brought back (by popular demand) our KFC Crispy Rendang! A match made in fried chicken heaven, it features the Colonel’s KFC being cooked and drenched in a mouthwatering housemade Rendang sauce!

And to catch all the plate licking good rendang sauce? We’ve got you covered with a serve of Roti Jala!

Be tempted by our KFC Crispy Rendang with Roti Jala.

And if that’s not enough spice in your life, Chef Junda has also launched a Crispy Skin Salmon Belly Laksa to warm into Spring. Inspired by his recent travels to Jakarta, the grilled Salmon Belly is basted with Chilli Jam, Herbs & Butter, topping our signature Laksa. Fancied up with some edible spring flowers, and you’ve got yourself an Instagram-worthy dish, we reckon!

Drool over our Crispy Skin Salmon Belly Laksa.

Get spicy, get crispy. Book yours today.