Autumn Warmers – Assam Laksa and Hainan Chicken with Abalone Rice

Autumn Warmers – Assam Laksa and Hainan Chicken with Abalone Rice

How did we go from a burning summer to this autumn chill so quickly? To stave off the autumn blues, Chef Junda Khoo has conjured up his two favourite comfort food – Assam Laksa and Hainan Chicken with Abalone Rice.

Always sexing up Malaysian classics, this time Chef Junda has taken the cult favourite Hainan Chicken Rice and added abalone. Braised with oyster sauce, the abalone is then drenched on top of chicken rice to give what Junda believes is the missing umami.

Abalone Chicken Rice

Chef Junda’s Assam Laksa with whole mackerel is a flavoursome bowl of spicy-tangy soup perfect for the soul.

Unlike its coconut-broth cousin the curry laksa, Chef Junda’s Assam Laksa is made from tamarind, fish stock, Queensland-grown fresh torch ginger flowers, and a special blend of spices. Its garnishing includes fresh pineapple, lettuce, chillies, torch ginger slices, and a spoonful of pungent shrimp paste.

Move aside curry laksa, Assam Laksa wants to be Sydney’s newest laksa king.

As a matter of fact, Assam Laksa aka Penang Laksa is ranked as CNN’s World’s Best 50 dishes, and the late Anthony Bourdain’s “breakfast of the Gods.”

Chef Junda's Assam Laksa

What’s your flavour this autumn – Assam Laksa, or Hainan Chicken with Abalone Rice?

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