Established in 2014 by Malaysian born Junda Khoo and partner William Xie, Ho Jiak prides itself in serving authentic Northern Penang Malaysian cuisine.

The best food in Malaysia is undeniably found amongst the hawker style eating centres of South-East Asia, where locals gather to catch up and share their regional cuisine. At Ho Jiak, we capture this experience by ensuring our recipes are authentic and exactly what you would find in the streets of Penang.With recipes passed down over generations, Ho Jiak serve dishes that many hawkers have honed and perfected over and over again.

The menu is kept simple but is focused on bringing excitement through dishes that you wouldn’t normally find in other Sydney Malaysian restaurants, and authentic flavours that flood fond Malaysian street food memories. Channelling the hawker spirit, our unique and rustic decor is modelled on hawker centres that will make you feel the energetic ambience of the “hawker street style” dining experience.

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