Chinese New Year 2021

Feast with Us!

Chinese New Year 2021

For many of us with Chinese heritage, the Lunar New Year is an important festival. It signifies a new beginning, brings us a fresh wave of hope and renewed dreams as we celebrate it surrounded by loved ones, feasting together on auspicious dishes and festive wishes.

At Ho Jiak, we’re excited to bring you our Chinese New Year 2021 menu to feast with us!

Haymarket CNY Special Menu Townhall CNY Special Menu

With dishes such as the must-have Salmon Yee Sang for a prosperous year, a colourful array of fresh vegetables and topped with trout roe – you can definitely expect Chinese New Year at Ho Jiak to be a memorable festivity with your family and friends.

Other special highlights on our Chinese New Year menu includeour Dried Scallop Fried Rice with bacon; because nothing says fortune like finding nuggets of gold (or bacon in this case). Find them in our fried rice topped with dried scallops. We’ve also got the crackling crispy sweet and sour roast chicken drizzled with a Shandong style sauce, perfect for the whole family.

Reservations are highly recommended, and our Chinese New Year Menu will be available alongside our regular menu. For more information, please browse our Chinese New Year Haymarket 2021 Menu or our Chinese New Year Townhall 2021 Menu – and book when you’re ready.

Come celebrate the start of the exciting Year of the Ox 2021 with us!

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